This star headed female is a total outcross to the general population of polled Fleckvieh genetics, being by Hermanus.  Her dam was a massive, star headed daughter of the legend of the breed C&B Western himself.  HVB Morgana 57G was a prolific embryo producer and this is the only daughter born from this mating.  She is moderate in frame, yet mighty in production, producing the best polled bull in the 2015 DBD bull sale sired by Juggernaut. Currently bred to the Fleckvieh sensation, Double Bar D Thunder 273X, the $80,000 son of Porterhouse Regent that Virginia Ranch proudly walks in their pastures. Thunder is a rare commodity in the US as semen has been restricted.



Ferrari 9052W is multi-generations of superior polled genetics assembled from the most outstanding cow family the breed has ever known, Grinalta’s Flash.  This granddaughter of Flashy 172R is very heavy pigmented with heavy milk production.  She was on the 2010 Prostock Show NAILE string, representing her cow family and breeding program.  Excellent feet and flexibility, wide hipped, and quiet, she produced the biggest bull in the 2013 DBD sale as a fall born and weighing 1880 pounds on sale day; Outback of Double Bar D, selling to Tennessee.  He was nearly black red, high performance, and arguably the best son of JB Wells Outback 948W.   

Double Bar D Fenella 30U

DOB: 2008-02-04


Double Bar D Fenella 30U is an exquisite example of athleticism and structural perfection.  She is moderate in size yet a tremendous producer as her pedigree would indicate.  She's sired by the incredible maternal and exclusive walking bull, FGAF Masail 307S, whom combines legendary cows as MFL Zaila 8Z and Anchor "T" Helga 10Y.  Her maternal granddam is also the dam of Double Bar D Lincoln, whom made his mark on the Fleckvieh industry.  Longevity radiates throughout both her phenotype and genotype, all in a polled, pigmented package.



0012X is the last natural calf from now deceased Blossom.  Blossom 9903J is a direct daughter of Canadian Neff out of the famous Panda cow, whom also produced the calving ease supreme sire, Wells Cargo.  9903J’s full sister Valina 9902J recently produced a daughter of Brundish Prosperous selling for $12,000 in the 2014  “She’s Got the Look” female sale at Double Bar D.  Cow family galore for old school genetics, disposition, awesome feet, and superb udders.  Infusing Hugo, produced this extremely long bodied, heavy structured, good udderred, attractive female that has years of productive life ahead of her.  Breeding her to DBD Thunder should place her calf in a league of its’ own regardless of it is bull or a female.  

Prostock Flash Point 9014W


Sire: Gibby's Ultimate
Dam: Double Bar D Flashy 172R

Flash Point is the only daughter of the famous and highly profitable Flashy 172R, by the $20,000 Gibby’s Ultimate.  She is undoubtedly the biggest footed, longest hipped, most robust homo polled female stomping the grass in North America.  The history of Flashy speaks for herself.  Flashy 172R, is the dam of the world renown Prostock Hugo, Prostock Hickory, numerous high selling daughters, Prostock Ferrari 7349T [Everest] and many more, generating a lifetime earnings of over $200,000.  Pigment and power in a highly marketable package. 9014W was part of the show team to the NAILE in 2009 and received rave reviews for her powerful hip and bone. She recently weaned one of the very top heifers in the Double Bar D 2014 fall calving program out of Autobahn.

Diamond T 220T


Sire: Diamond T Gordon
Dam: Wa-Na-La-Pa Miss Linda

Diamond T 313W


Sire:BHR Baron SA 2842P
Dam: Jack Pine Meadow FF41H